Aguilera goes on tour for more than 10 years

The singer is preparing to release the long-awaited album "Liberation" and goes to support her next studio album - but the idea that something is disturbing the lives of two kids makes her nervous.

"Traveling is so scary for me because I'm a mother," she told Billboard.

Christina admits that her ten-year-old son Max and her three-year-old daughter Summer have been "protected" and enjoying their everyday routine. It was that she decided to act as a jury at a talent show The Voice until 2016.

"It must be,"He adds that he will tour. "I look forward to coming back and showing my kids what my mum really does!"

By promoting her new music, Christina will be busy for months and still have to postpone marriage to her boyfriend. The pop icon, however, admits that she is happy with her family life.

"There is nothing better when I'm on stage and connected with my voice, heart and soul," he says "But at the end (performance), I want to erase it (makeup), get into my sweater and make stupid sounds with your children and cuddle."

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